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Mrs Abaida Qurban

Abaida Qurban is the daughter of Mr. Qurban Ali(Late) who came to settle in Pakistan from England and is working as the administrator of the trust since 2002. She is also a trustee of Qurban &
Surraya Educational trust and her voluntary services are reaching beyond her institution. Her model of teacher training has led Punjab University
IER department to send their teacher trainees to her institution for training since 2006.


Recent News

Qurban Ali (Late)

The patron of this institution. Mr. Qurban Ali (late) took upon himself a task of educating the poor and the needy in 1980 and since then he has been successful in his mission. Under his leadership and management this school has proved to be one of the best in Lahore. His firm belief that educating the girls lead to a better family life can be seen among the families who have benefited from the institution.

Surraya Qurban

Mrs Surraya Khanum served as the administrator till 2002. She is the wife of Mr Qurban Ali and also a trustee. Her services to the institution still continue as a mentor and a leader. She actively participates in the day to day running of the trust informally and her mentoring skills help a number of girls to find success in their endeavors.

Qurban and Surraya Educational Trust

We proudly Announce that Qurban and Surraya Educational Trust is Now The Regular Member of World Association of NGO’s (WANGO).

Qurban Ali (Late)-  The Founder and Patron

Qurban Ali the Founder and patron of Qurban & Surraya Educational Trust are being awarded AZM AWARD 2011 for his contribution to the development of PAKISTAN.


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