Governing Body

Governing Body

Establishment and Purpose

Governing Body was established to govern this institution. Its aims are to:

  • Ensure the smooth running of the institution according to the rules and regulations of the trust.
  • To check the functions of the administrative body.

Duties and Authorities

The duties and authorities of the governing body are:

  • To keep a check on the performances of the institutions as per rules and regulations of the Trust.
  • The members of the governing body would take part in selecting the head. The governors to advertise the post at least one term in advance for the headmistress post.
  • To fill the empty seat of any member of the governing body a new member would be elected within one month.
  • The governing body would be responsible of implementation the policy concerning the correction is changing of the record of reports, of meetings and function of the institution.It will check the annual reports of the institutions.
  • The governing body will confirm the lawful changing in this treaty and the three fourth members of the body would have power to change this constitution. The changes would have to be according to the lawful constitution of the trust.
  • Governing body will decide the crucial matters and other appeals.
  • Governing body will get the income and expenditure of the trust audited every year.
  • The decision, pertaining the appointment, termination or restoration of the employees would be taken in the presence of the head in the meetings of the governing body.

Conditions for Membership

Every person who is educated and fulfills the following condition can be the member of governing body.

  • One should be mentally sound.
  • He/She should be over eighteen years of age.
  • He/She should be well mannered and character worthy.
  • He/She should agree to the rules and regulations of the institution.
  • He/She should work for the betterment of the institution without any temptation.
  • Internal members should at least hold a bachelors degree.