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Help for the Deserving and Orphans

Deserving and Orphans

For the orphan children Qurban and Surraya Educational Trust provides free education, books and uniform. This is to ensure that the orphan children receive the same education standard as all other children. We aim to provide for the orphan children from nursery to metric. After metric we encourage the children to continue their education at the Qurban Degree College.

Deserving children
Deserving children are those children that require assistance from the Trust. We help parents and their families if they have any one of the following difficulties:
Divorced- single parents are eligible for subsidised or no fees and assistance with resources
Disabled- Parents or children with disability are eligible for subsidised or no fees and assistance with resources
Low income- Depending on the needs of individual families we provide subsidised or decrease fees and assistance with resources

Sponsor a child
We would very much appreciate your support in helping us to meet the ever increasing cost of education and the necessary resources required for us to continue to maintain and provide education to our deserving children. Your generous donations would be greatly appreciated.
We accept Zakat, Sadaqah or any other payment you would wish to make. To donate please use the following account details or contact us.
Qurban and Surraya Educational trust
Meezan Bank
PK19 MEZN 0002 1801 0010 6001

Qurban and Surraya Educational trust
Metro Bank
Account number: 10813743
Sort code: 230580

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