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Sadaf Sohail


Qurban girls’ school was established in 1980 to educate the girls of the area. The School started with two teachers and about thirty pupils. Within a year the school attracted 300 pupils and the teachers kept on increasing. The school was registered with the board of intermediate and secondary education in 1982. The popularity of the school due to its results increased and in 1992 the school had to be separated into a junior and a senior school. The school started with this section and only four rooms were available for classes. The staff was scarce and everybody shared multiple responsibilities. Mr. Qurban was accountant, teacher and principal simultaneously. After one year the enrolment crossed 300 students and the school got itself registered with the education board. Rules and regulations for the staff were developed and the teachers started getting increments on their salaries. Mr. Qurban used to meet every teacher in person and talk about his/her strengths and weaknesses and the ways to bring improvements in their teaching methods. Infrastructure was also improved by expanding the school from one storey to double storey and then purchasing adjacent houses further expanded it. Mr. Qurban was very determined to bring the girls into school and for that purpose he personally met with parents and convinced them to send their daughters to school. It was difficult in the beginning but gradually parents started sending their daughters and the school became prominent because of female education.
Now, Mrs. Sadaf Sohail is serving as the Principal of Senior Girls Section. She got her Master’s degree in History from Punjab University and also done B.Ed. She has 8 years teaching Experience in Qurban & Surraya Educational Trust (Junior Section English Medium) and performed well as an Office Assistant for 6 years in the same institution. She was promoted as the Deputy Head and took upon the role of curriculum coordinator in 2014. Her responsibilities include designing and conducting workshops, holding curriculum meetings, developing and implementing different programs and extracurricular activities. She has been appointed as the Principal of the Senior Girls Section in September 2016.

Principal’s Profile:

Mrs. Sadaf Sohail wants her students to respect the attributions of the school. It is her hope that respect, tolerance, honesty, compassion responsibility and courage will serve as building principles for her students. She believes that good behavior flourishes in an atmosphere of high expectations, support, guidance and encouragement.
She has committed to produce a universal human being a person with not just robotic information at his command, but the wisdom to use it for the good. She believes that children need a free and relaxed atmosphere to grow in, where they are trusted and the teachers are approachable. Her aim is to provide quality education bringing benefits to the students. She utilizes modern techniques of teaching because she believes that these techniques enable students achieve their full potential. She believes that through hard work and exertion, students will be able to step ahead overweening into the real and highly competitive world. She aspires to provide as many opportunities as possible to explore, make choices and learn about themselves and each other. She lays emphasis on creativity and arts in the classroom and education is seen as a broad and complex process of acquiring both knowledge and understanding. Her aim is to make the students aware of contemporary issues and their personal role in developing an understanding of their issues.
Her aim is to lead the system toward the soaring heights of academic excellence with special emphasis upon the holistic development of the students. It is her firm conviction through dedication of her faculty and innovate teaching methodologies the students won’t have to wonder if they are ready for the real world, students will be wondering whether the world is ready for them. IN SHAA ALLAH


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