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About Principal

A school Principal`s job is a balanced between being rewarding and challenging. No doubt, it is a difficult job, and like any job, there are people who are not able to handle it but Ma`am Shumaila Tahzeen has an excellent quality to do this job very well. She is the instructional leader. As you know a school without a strong leader will likely fail and the principal who is not a leader will find herself without a job quickly.
Ma`am Shumaila Tahzeen is the Principal of PTB Sec. She is embodiment of integrity, nobility and a source of courage and tremendous inspiration. She is a highly skilled, talented and qualified Principal having 20 years of experience in teaching and management. She got her Master`s degree (M.Sc) in statistics from Punjab University and M.ed in Math and chemistry as well. She has been appointed in Qurban School as a deputy Head in 2011 and promoted as a Principal of PTB Sec in 2013. Before her, PTB Sec was called the Urdu Medium Sec and due to her commendable efforts, it became an English Medium Sec in April 2014.
She is an expert in preparing effective curriculum and managing student relation ensured fair policy in grading student. She has established and maintained a learning climate that is conductive for optimum student`s performance and endeavors to maintain an environment that is conducive to learning. She also designed and implemented student’s behavioral modification programs to reduce truancy, attitude and interactions with teachers and peer students. She deals daily with including her superintendent, teachers, support staff, parents, students and community members. She has a unique quality to handle the situations. She is an exceptional listener. She always ready to help the needy students and people because of her kind hearted nature. She is doing well to improve the overall quality of school.


Qurban & Surraya Educational trust was established in “1980” with the aim of providing the best quality education at the lowest possible costs.
Mr. Qurban Ali set up the trust in “1993” with no beneficiaries and all income will be spent on education purposes only. Mr. Qurban worked hard for providing excellent education for the girls of the area with his own assets. The trust is the true reflection of his vision as this quote says:
“An institute is the lengthened shadow of one man.”
The Qurban girl’s school was registered with the board of Intermediate and Secondary Education in 1982. Due to the popularity and increasing strength of students the school had to be separated into different sections. There are four schools and one degree college is running under this trust now. The junior sec which is called PTB sec now, separated in “1992”.


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