Aims & Purposes of our Institution:

  • To provide good quality education to all and to prepare them to become good humans so that they can take an effective role in personal, national and international development.
  • To provide free education to all orphans and needy.
  • To provide free in service teacher training to all our staff and to offer the programme to teachers of other schools, nationally.
  • To help parents, especially mothers to learn and develop various skills e.g. child development.
  • To screen children’s’ eyes and to prevent them suffering from serious eye problems e.g. amblyopia.

Our Mission Statement

We believe in providing the best quality of education to all our pupils irrespective of their background and educating pupils to produce confident youngsters who are able to take up a variety of roles in our rapidly changing society and to have a self-esteem and a pride in their own culture and religion. We also aim to equip our youngsters with skills and universal values that will enable them to live in harmony with the rest of the world.


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