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Mrs. Adeeba Dean


Qurban and Surraya Educational Trust is the staunch projector to revolutionize educational system with excellence Pakistan . Ms.Adeeba Dean has been rendering her services as a Principal of Qurban Boys High School for the last 16 years .She had been associated with Senior Girls School and College Section for six years.
Mission Statement
“ I want to develop conducive environment to seek educational goals with excellence fostering students’ physical , mental , emotional , educational and spiritual needs. I want to prepare the individuals who are independent and self-sufficient to contribute and succeed in global community.”


Her vision is that we don’t want to settle less than maintaining excellence in educational system .We are breathing in an era of multi-dimensional challenges which demands us to be very honest , focused , vigilant and responsible towards spiritual , physical , emotional and educational needs of new generation because the challenges faced by them are more heart-throbbing and cursive , than those faced by us.
So, it is the first and foremost responsibility of Qurban Boys High School to initiate such plan of action to inculcate a spirit of enthusiasm , fondness and zeal for learning among the students .We want to develop need analysis of the students to gain complete balanced development of their personalities . They must develop a power of strong resistance by protecting themselves from immoral underpinning of the society.
We want to bring reformation by targeting four dimensions of their personalities through holistic approach those individuals who are useful to Pakistan.

Future Plan

We plan don’t settle for less than excellence in education .Our goal is to develop balanced personalities with excellent aptitude to contribute towards education oriented excellence , empowerment , growth , innovation , creativity and success.


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