Senior Girls Section plays a dominating role to meet the task of Qurban and Surayya Educational Trust School. Its mission is to prepare students to identify and pursue their educational objectives and also prepare for productive involvement in their community and society. It brings together children of different culture and Socio-economic backgrounds with the goal of increasing cross-cultural understanding. It also engages students in educational, recreational and cultural activities.

Miss Farkhanda Iqbal served as a principal from 10th May 1999 to 10th March 2013. Under her leadership, our enthusiastic staff had shown their excellent performance. After her retirement, Miss Saima Khalil (The General Secretary of Qurban Trust) served as the Principal of this section from April 2013 to September 2016. She not only maintained the same standards but helped to ignite the spirit of charity among her staff members and students. Mrs.Sadaf Sohail has been appointed as the Principal from September 2016.

This section caters for girls from class 6th to 10th. Science, as well as arts classes, are offered at a secondary level. We provide a range of subjects for our students to achieve the best of their ability. Teachers’ workshops and training programs are designed and conducted successfully. Curricular and Co-Curricular activities are also arranged for the students which help to enhance their capabilities. I.T based teaching and pedagogies help the teachers to make their teaching learning process excellent. Our Matric Results have always been 100% and our students are now working as doctors, teachers, engineers, and in various other fields of life. Every member of this institute plays a vital role in its progress and prosperity. The foundation on which the trust was founded is the driving force of this section- to provide students with an environment where they can grow to become independent, creative, confident and tolerant with a strong sense of integrity and responsibility.


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