Qurban and Surraya Educational Trust that started its journey from a building of a few rooms have now expanded to a sprawling and imposing building due to the untiring efforts of the Patrons of the institution, Sir Qurban Ali and Madam Surraya Qurban. In 1990 when the first batch of school matriculated from the school, college was started on the emphatic stress of the parents in 1990 as a higher secondary school. Mrs. Shaukat was the first Principal of the college. In 1990 F.A classes started in the institution as it became The Higher Secondary School. After the retirement of Mrs. Shuakat in 1999, when this institution was entitled as a regular degree college after affiliation with University of The Punjab, Mrs. Naheed Naeem who was a senior lecturer in Qurban college was promoted to the Principal of Qurban degree college. In 2000, classes of M.A English and M.A Islamiat were initiated. In 2001, Computer classes at Intermediate level and ICS classes were started. In 2002, Computer classes at degree level and BSC classes were started with a combination of computer studies, statistics, Maths, and economics. In 2005, FSC and I.Com classes were initiated. In 2010, B.Com classes were started to equip the students with the business education.

The College has always generated exceptional results in F.A, ICS, I.Com, F.SC, B.A, BSC and B.Com. On one hand, these extraordinary results become possible due to sheer hard work and devotion of our devoted and committed faculty members, whereas, on the other hand, the discipline which has become the part and parcel of the academic atmosphere of this college play vital role in the achievement of these results. To keep students in touch with their studies and to check their academic progress weekly and monthly tests are arranged regularly for which an official record is maintained. Parent-Teacher meetings are arranged after examinations to discuss the areas of improvement. Regularity in classes has been assured. Students are encouraged to take benefit from library effectively. College library is playing its role to create awareness for students to enhance their knowledge. There are about 7000 books available in library on different subjects and there is an increase in stock every year. Co-curricular activities are also ensured to promote the trends of the students towards healthy activities. These programmes are aimed especially to create and enhance the self-confidence in young students; First aid training, blood camps of Fatmid, special lectures on psychology, career counseling, speech competition, essay writing and poetry competition, Quranic recitation, Naat, sports, funfair, discussions and quiz programs, recitation of Iqbal’s poetry, competitions of national songs, cooking competitions, handicrafts and card making are a few examples of co-curricular activities that are arranged to broaden the vision of the students and inculcate the religious devotion, inter-religion tolerance, social service and patriotism in the students.

Our students not only take interest in college activities but also take part in competitions held in other colleges and win prizes and certificates. Students Nazario-e-Pakistan Council and Girl Guides Council have been established in the college. These councils organize programs to celebrate the national and international days. Student Council is established in college for effective communication between management and students. The students and lecturers of our college participate every year in “Intel Teach to the Future Programme”. Our institution got the award of The Best Institution from Intel. All the teachers of the institution are equipped with the computer training. Our teachers won various competitions arranged by Intel.

The journey of our glorious achievements is long and continuing:

1992 The college magazine “Chiragh” was launched by a college lecturer, Miss Samina.

1993 the founder of the institution Sir Qurban Ali took a crucial step to run the institution in the name of Allah and changed it to Trust. A governing of 16 members has been constituted to run the institution.

1999 Lahore Board demanded to appoint a separate principal for college section. So, Mrs. Naheed Naeem was appointed as a college principal. She had joined the college as a lecturer in 1990.

2002 Mrs. Abida Mahmood joined the institution as an administrator. She introduced new methodologies of instruction in education, such as, Teacher group discussion, lesson observation, full staff meetings, computer training, workshops for the teachers and she also started the English language assessment in this institution.

2004 this institution received a national first prize by Intel in a function arranged in Islamabad. That prize constituted on a check of 100,000 Rs, a shield and a certificate. College lecturer Miss Adiba Khokar, who later became the Head of Boys Section, won the First prize as the Best Master Trainer

2004 Magazine Committee was formed and its English and Urdu editors were from college section. Now the editors are Mrs. Musharifa Ansar and Miss Mussarrat Rehana. Miss Saima Khalil is the Chief Editor of “Chiragh”.

2005 our administrator also won the national prize from Intel for promoting computer training in the institution.

2005 first convocation of the institution was celebrated in which the first three batches of the college were included.

2005 a brilliant student Rabia Ashraf of our college got gold medal for standing first in M.A English from University of The Punjab.

2006 College Principal Madam Naheed Naeem got Principal of the Year award from Intel for organizing computer programme.

2006 a brilliant student of college, Maria Zahid got first position in speech competition arranged in Lahore College University.

2006 a college lecturer Miss Tanveer Fatima got an award for exceptional presentation from Intel.

our brilliant student Rabia Ashiq became a national and international player in races, high jump and long jump and won many awards and certificates.

2007 again Miss Tanveer Fatima got an award for exceptional presentation from Intel.

2007 our institution was awarded with Quaid-e-Azam award for its excellent performance.

2010 B.Com classes were started to equip the students with business education..

2011 the institution was awarded with an “Azam-e-Alishan” award by Azm-e-Alishan Organization.

2012 Two bright students of college Samreen Anwar and Zul Itrat Batool won first prize in English and Urdu speeches respectively on provincial level.

2013 the institution received a gold medal from Frogh-e-Talim Organization.

2013 Qurban Degree College got 2nd position in B.A/BSC exams in Lahore.

2014 Qurban Degree College again got 3rd position in B.A/BSC exams in Lahore.

2015 Qurban Degree College once again got 3rd position in B.A/BSC exams in Lahore.

2015 a brilliant student of College Durr-e-Samin participated in Judo championship arranged in Thailand and won a bronze medal.

2015 college celebrated its silver jubilee and 4th convocation as it completed its 25 years of academic excellence.

2016 repeating its traditions, Qurban Degree College again got 3rd position in B.A/BSC exams in Lahore.

As a result of all the curricular and co-curricular activities, excellent academic environment, moral training and positive competitive environment, Qurban Degree College has produced such brilliant students that are serving the society as teachers, lecturers, doctors, engineers, lawyers, judges, social workers etc. It is hoped that in future the students of this institution will keep on glorifying the name of this institution as well of the nation and the country. Inshallah, college will continue to provide highly educated women to the society in future as well.


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