The institution’s first section came into being in May 1980. The first Principal Mrs. Rashida Waheed was the first Principal of QURBAN AND SURRAYA EDUCATIONAL TRUST. She worked until June 1983. In September 1983, Mrs. Salma Wasti joined as a Principal and worked till 1994. Due to the increase in the number of students, the junior section was separated in 1994 and Mrs. Riffat Sultana took the charge as Principal in March 1994. She not only brought new innovations to the junior school but helped with the charitable costs of the trust. She left in the year 2008. After she left the post, Mrs. Tahira Nadeem was selected as the Principal of junior section in November 2008. She brought many different changes in section. Following her in September 2013, Mrs. Shumaila Tahzeen took the responsibility of junior section (PTB). She is a very hardworking woman, who sets her goals for the betterment of the system and is keenly working on them. In 2014, the name of the section was changed from junior section Urdu Medium to Junior Section Punjab text book (PTB).

Qurban and Surraya Educational Trust PTB Section is distinguished by its emphasis on individual attention to students’ grooming, progress, and academic success. The section is well known to provide quality education along with extracurricular activities to our little angels (Play Group) in a Purpose Built Campus. The Campus is equipped with a well-stocked library, completely functional computer lab, solar energy panels to provide non-stop electricity and presentation lab with projectors. PTB section is well known for providing:

  • Social and Emotional Development
  • Language Development
  • Creative Art and Expression
  • Sports and Games
  • Learning through Activities (Flexible Fridays).
  • Sports Coaches and Trainers
  • Research-Based Curriculum
  • Professional Development of the Staff.
  • Ethical and Moral Character Building.

With her active and co-operative staff, the Principal of PTB section Ms. SHUMAILA TAHZEEN is trying her best to provide the latest learning exposure to the students (From P.G-V) while keeping up with the technological advances.

Children possess a number of talents and abilities which find no means of expression in ordinary school curriculum or even on the playfield. Craft is the general term to provide a variety of activities where manual skill combines with mental ingenuity. Students are encouraged to utilize their leisure by pursuing their hobbies such as Computers, soft-chat Art, painting, pencil drawing, face painting, decoration-work, scientific models etc.

Objectives of (PTB) Section

  • To provide good quality education to all and to prepare them to become good humans so that they can take and effective role in personal, national and international development.
  • To provide free education to all Orphans and needy.
  • To provide free in-service teacher training to all our staff and to offer the program to teachers of other schools, nationally.
  • To help parents, especially mothers to learn and develop various skills e.g. child development.

Student Rules and Regulations

  • The school will work on all days of weeks except Sunday and any public holiday.
  • All students must come to school on time. In the case of habitual late coming, the gate will be closed after school timings.
  • All students must wear the complete and clean uniform and also wear sports uniform for their games period.
  • Students have to come to the assembly ground after putting the bags in the classes.
  • Loose talk, fighting, and conversation in Punjabi are not allowed.
  • Students must wear starched and ironed uniform with a neat haircut and polished shoes.
  • Writing on the walls, tables, and chairs is prohibited. If a student is found writing, he will be responsible for the cleanliness of these things.
  • Littering in the school premises is forbidden.
  • Bring books according to the timetable.
  • Always go to the canteen in a queue and wait for your turn
  • Never run or push/pull each other or play on the stairs.
  • In the case of absence without any emergency (i.e. sickness/death of a close relation), students will not be allowed to take the examination of the given schedule.
  • Once students enter the school, they can’t leave without the permission of the principal.


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