Activities For Student


Extra Curricular activities

Many Societies and Clubs have been introduced for students to develop their social, moral, ethical and personal senses. The principal of Playgroup and Nursery classes has introduced colour and fruit days to help children understand the basic concepts. Pink days became very popular when it coincided with mothers day in May 2014. Science and art exhibition was held in May 2015 to encourage pupils to be creative. Qurban cricket tournament was held outdoors by the boy’s school in November 2015. The outdoor annual sports days were canceled due to security reasons but a friendly football match was held between class 5th boys school vs class 5th English medium within school premises. Iqbal day, Quaid day & Defence day was observed with great fervour and enthusiasm at all levels.

Student Council

The student council which is chosen every year meets with the administrator on the 1st Monday of every month to discuss student-related problems and take a keen interest in giving suggestions for improvement of the institution. The pupils are encouraged to take part in decision making and policy making of the institution. The students are given the tasks of chairing the meeting, minuting it and circulating the minutes and agenda.

Scouts and Girl Guides

Students have always been encouraged to join Scouts and girl guide groups to help them with discipline and leadership roles. Scouts camp in the summer holidays has always been a popular activity and takes place in Muree. Sir Eidee Ameen arranged this activity in June 2015 and the camp was held successfully. Girl guides activities took place within school premises and they held days like mother’s day seminar and annual plantation days.

Nazaria Pakistan Society

With the collaboration of Nazaria Pakistan foundation a society was set up to make students aware of the sacrifices made by our great leaders for our country. Students regularly take part in the competitions held by the Nazaria Pakistan Foundation. Regular lectures are held by the foundation in our hall which have helped students to benefit.

Blood Camps

Students of college and staff are encouraged to donate blood regularly. With the help of Fatmid foundation, a blood camp is held every year to raise community service. The notion of saving lives was given before the blood camp is held. Blood camp was held in October 2015.

Voluntary Activities

Pupils & staff of the trust have started to take part in voluntary activities. Despite their backgrounds, the students are encouraged to share and give their resources, they are always reminded of giving and sharing.