Teachers Training

The teacher training module of the institution is unique and has helped to upgrade and educate not only the teachers of the institution but has helped to develop a permanent relationship with other agencies like Punjab Education Foundation, Intel, Ali institute of Education, Society of Pakistan English Language Teachers, Ministry of Education and Punjab University.

More than 200 student Teachers from Institute of Education and Research of Punjab University come for teaching practice to the institution every year for a period of two months. This year their involvement in everyday curricular and co-curricular activities proved an incentive for our own teachers. Professional development activities are organized at various levels and times throughout the year, a cycle of weekly, monthly and annual training is in place. ICT & English language training cycles run alongside the general training sessions.

The ICT coordinator, Ms. Sadia Saeed not only takes initiatives regarding the teachers but is encouraged to motivate the senior management team to cope with the changing technologies.

Ms. Mariya Khanum – a trainer from London visited the institution in April 2016 and 15-day workshops were held to help teachers improve their teaching skills. Topics covered were motivation in the classroom, modern teaching techniques, English vocabulary, ethics of teaching, how to build confidence in children, child psychology, phonics, story telling and learning through play.

15-day training workshops were also held in August and that were aimed at improving the teacher’s subject-based skills.

Feedback Staff Training

Altogether 160 teachers were trained in April 2016 taking part in different sessions. 120 teachers took part in the session, ‘Motivation in the classroom’. 82 took part in the session ‘Modern training technique’, 64 in ‘English vocabulary’ session, 80 in ‘Ethics of teaching’, 53 in ‘How to build confidence in all children’, 75 in ‘Child psychology’, 45 in the ‘Phonics’ session, 30 in the ‘Pronunciation’, 29 in ‘Storytelling’, 29 in ‘Learning through paly and 19 in ‘Effective primary teaching.’ Almost all teachers enjoyed their training sessions and agreed to the topics and methods employed.

15 teachers mentioned that the time given was less and only 5 thought that the objectives were not met. 4 teachers found it some topic difficult to follow. The teachers suggested that future workshops about time management and problems related to slow learners should be taught.

SMT Training

Senior management staff (Principals, deputies, and coordinators) are trained regularly at least 3 times a year. Full day sessions are held for the SMT and interactive methods are used to help them grow their leadership skills. Topics included Soul of leadership, tackling favoritism at work and teamwork.

SMT Training Feedback

All 9 participants gave feedback about their sessions. Their learning was monitored by their presentations and question answer sessions. The Junior section Principal mentioned that their learning should be monitored throughout the year and the efficiencies learned and mistakes made should be discussed openly. Boys school Principal suggested having training sessions monthly so that sharing of experiences took place regularly.

SMT Informal Meetings and Visits

For the last one year, SMT has been meeting for lunch and a visit outside the premises to help expand their horizons. The visits this year were to Shaukat Khanum Memorial hospital. Talking to the less privileged made us realize how we can contribute more towards our society.

Motivating Teachers

Pupils learn with motivation. Same goes for the adults- teachers. Every month we give all the teachers a mind boggling question which is not compulsory but helps them to develop mentally. At the end of every monthly session, the teachers with the correct answer are rewarded. Teachers are also sent motivational quotes and stories to read at least once a month and it helps them to share their successes. Days like Women’s day & teacher’s day were celebrated with great enthusiasm. A speech and card competition were held for teachers for Women’s day and it helped teachers to polish their creative skills.

Awarding & Rewarding Teachers

5th of October- International teachers day is now celebrated regularly in our institution. The students vote for their favorite teacher and those teachers are given ‘Teacher of the year award.’ Adeeba Dean, ‘the Principal of Boys school’ won the Principal of the year award this year again. At the end of every academic year (March) Principals recommend outstanding teachers who are awarded on an annual day. Teachers who earn an external award are appreciated in assembly the day after their award.

Annual Milad

Annual Milad is held for the staff members every year to celebrate the birth of our beloved Prophet (PBUH). The purpose is to highlight the true meaning of Islam and to understand and act upon the teachings of the Quran. Other than the regular Naat recitations, teachers are encouraged to talk about why we are falling behind as an Ummah and how Education can help us. The annual milad took place in January 2017 this year.

Annual Staff Trip

Annual Staff trips are organise every year. They visited and enjoy the visit of Soon Sakesar Valley 0n 28th October 2017.


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